To: Coach Paul Hogan
Subject: Thanks Coach!

Hi Coach Hogan and Coaches Carey and Miller

I just wanted to thank you for the great opportunity to help at your camp. After so many years of being a camper and learning so much, it is a pleasure to be associated with such a great program and the coaches that helped me learn to love the game. I look forward to next year and hope to get down to NHTI before then. Thank you Coach!

Dylan Robie

(July 2015)

Coach Hogan

Here’s a clip of Anwar in action yesterday at his winter league game in McLean, Virginia.
I thought how much he’s improved because of your camps.
Merry Christmas.
Robert Molleur

(December 2015)

“Brittany just received the newest flyer’s for the upcoming clinics and couldn’t wait to tell dad they were in. Your clinics are the only clinics that she gets excited to sign up for. Greatly in part to the fact that the clinics are so much fun! She can’t say enough good things about going. She loves going back to see you again and being able to show off how hard she has worked since the last clinic. She gets excited to see your players and staff, and meeting up with the many friends she has made at the clinics or on the courts outside of your clinics, who she has recommended to go to your clinics.

Since our last letter, I would like to update you on her success. Brittany continued to play for the Town of Litchfield Recreational league from grade 2nd to 6th grade. She currently is playing on the Litchfield Travel team with the 7th grade division, playing also in the 5th and 6th grade division, winning the championship in the 6th grade division. In the 5th grade she started playing with the NH Flames AAU team 9/10 age division and has earned another spot this year with the 12/13 age division, with the upcoming season starting later this month. This past fall Brittany tried out for the Rivals AAU team, however, she was the only 7th grader that tried out, with everyone else being 8th and 9th graders. She wasn’t selected for the team, but her skill level impressed the coaches enough to ask her to practice with the team and near the end of the season she was invited to play in a tournament where they played up against 9th and 10th graders. She was only out of her league when it came to height, most kids averaged 5′-6″ and above, Brittany is 5′-1″. She held her own getting a couple assists and succeeded in moving the ball down the court staying low and driving hard.

Brittany continues participating in clinics and I am very proud to say that one of her top goals of making the Litchfield Middle School team finally came true this year. Not only did she play for the middle school, and not only did she get a lot of floor time and impress her coach and teammates with her ball handling, passing and shooting skills, but the team made school history by completing the season undefeated 14-0. They went on to win the playoff game to be able to play in the championship game, and then Won the Championship game! An unbelievable season with these girls and unbelievable skills by Brittany, with her strong spot on passes that gave her one of the top player assist averages on the team, and her drives that left the other team just standing there watching her fly by (which was not easy to accomplish since she was the shortest player on the team).

I am so proud of all of her accomplishments and watching her make all her of her goals come true, so far. I am thankful to you and your staff for providing these clinics to our children. Instilling self worth, courage, pride and most of all respect in themselves, all of which make them work harder and stronger, and making them excel in everything they do. But most of all thank you for the education of the game. This is what drives them to succeed in the game! They don’t go for a day clinic and walk away with enough to get by, they walk away with skills to last them a lifetime. They take that knowledge and practice it, they take it and share it with their coaches and team mates, they take it and become basketball athletes making them think about their future and a college education (just like your players), you and your staff give them bigger goals beyond that day and that year.

I Thank You and your Staff for this!! We look forward to seeing you soon.”

– Linda and Brittany Reidy
(March 2012)

“Thanks for your guidance to Lindsay and her sisters. They all learned “Fundamental Basketball” in your camps that served them well in their basketball careers. They had a blast and made lots of new friends. Lindsay went on to set the following records at her college. (Bob, 2010)

Lindsay went on to earn the following all-time records at Caltech, Pasadena CA:
– Most Points Scored Lindsay King 1241 Points
– Most Points Avg. Lindsay King 12.4 Points per game
– Most FGs Made Lindsay King 430 FGM
– Most 3FG Made Lindsay King 124 – 3FGM
– Most FT Made Lindsay King 258 FTM
– Free Throw % Lindsay King 66%
– Most Blocks Lindsay King 137 Blocks
– Most Games Played Lindsay King 100 Games
– Most Games Started Lindsay King 100 Games”

“Just wanted to drop you a line and ask if you have room for Jordan to be in the remaining 4 basketball clinics that you are running between now and December? Paul, she has learned SO MUCH from the two camps she has attended. I just can’t WAIT to get her on the court with her team in January! Last year was her first year of basketball, and she managed to throw the ball as far as the rim twice all season. She wouldn’t go for a ball and had now clue about where to even stand for a foul shot. After just two camps she is doing either handed lay-ups, knows about defense, I saw her fight a ball away from someone 4 yrs older than her last week, she is dribbling the ball between her legs,and is Thrilled with the game! INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much, and hope to see you this Saturday!”

– Becky Pellowe

“All of my children are having a very good basketball season thanks to your camp. In fact they all had your shorts on one practice and everyone asked me when your camp is held, etc. Sadie, my fifth grader has played against other girls in the surrounding area and it is nice to see how they have become friends through your camp. thanks again so much…see you soon.”
– Mary
( Feb 2008)

“Thanks again – that was a great clinic…you definitely know kids and how to teach them. I got a lot of great ideas from you and looking over the hand-out I see there are a lot more practice games that I would like to know the rules too (Dribble Knock-out, Farmington 500, Machine Gun Passing, Husky Shooting, Rip City…to name a few!).”

– Karen Moran – Danville, Vermont
( December 19, 2007)

“I saw the ad for your camp only 2 hours before the end of the auction, called my son-in-law immediately to ask if I should bid on it for her, and won! I sat at the computer until 5 minutes after the auction closed to be sure no one outbid me. Brindi has actually gone to the camp before. She’s a sixth grader who lives for basketball, and she will be thrilled to be going again. Thanks to you and your brother, I will have one very happy granddaughter when she gets the gift certificate for her birthday! Her name is Brindelyn Schroeder, daughter of Dave and Darcy Schroeder.”

– Donna Beveridge, Saco, Maine
(December 19, 2007)

“Hey Coach Hogan! I’m just writing to check in to see how you’re doing, and to also fill you in on life for me at college. I’m having an amazing semester so far, highlighted by the fact that I’m a freshman manager for the UConn Women’s Basketball team! It’s one of the most amazing experiences, and it’s exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve also been working with the Athletic Marketing Department, which means I help out with promotions for all different sports. I honestly have a hard time believing that it’s a reality! But it is, and they are both such wonderful opportunities. Another reason I’m writing is to thank you. Being involved with Shooters Gold especially as a coach really helped me realize just what I want to do in the future. You had the faith in me to be a coach, and it really gave me a lot of confidence when I entered college with the hopes of becoming involved with athletics. I hope you know how much that means to me! Thank you so much!”

– Emily Mattson

“My name is Denise Buck and my daughter, Jourdan attended the 8-10 a.m. session and my son, Josh Bassett attended your 10-2 session. I just want to tell you that my husband and I are so pleased with the Shooter’s Gold Camp. Our children have attended numerous camps and local recreation department activities and Shooter’s Gold is by far the best. Our children came home excited and enthused and wanting to go back each day. They actually learned new things and wanted to practice on them. My son was even one of the campers for the day! We will definitely be sending our daughter back next year. Our son will be going into high school at that point and will be too old. However one of the coaches recommended the Point Guard/ Post play camp. He is looking forward to that. Thank you.”

– Denise Buck, Waterford, Vt.

“Our boys participated in NHTI’s basketball clinics last year and were extremely impressed with the depth and scope of technical skill that was taught, the attention to form and follow-through that was given, and the ratio of staff to student. It is truly a “clinic” in every sense of the word. Paul Hogan is a championship coach that also understands the importance of and teaches discipline, character, and sportsmanship.”

– Cyndi DesRochers

“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter loved your shooting camp that took place last week in Manchester. She is excited about doing it again next year. Being a mother who tries really hard at making her kids happy, I was a little reserved about sending her, never having sent her to a basketball camp that I didn’t know much about. Victoria said the councilors were terrific and a lot of fun. She also said she learned a lot. I just wanted to say, thank you. You made a mom happy by making her child happy. Thanks again!!!”

– Linda Stice

“My daughter Michelle Tucker attended your Interlakes Shooter’s Gold basketball camp. She was told to email if she would like a picture sent to her. She would like one. Thank you very much. And thank you for having an amazing camp, she has enjoyed the past week very much.”

– Jennifer Tucker